Are your ready to elevate your life, amplify your unique voice, become a recognizable force in your field, and make the impact you're born to make?

Our Mission is to help you become the impactful leader of today by showing up unapologetically to influence within your role and beyond, leave a meaningful legacy behind, and live your most fulfilled self-expressed life--without compromise!

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Have you achieved a high level of success, but still feel unfulfilled as if something is missing?!


Have you always been a great logical thinker, but lately you feel misaligned. Your soul is craving to be more self-expressed, but your mind is overwhelmed with how to make it happen?


Do you feel you still have so much potential to explore to make a bigger impact in the world, but you're not sure how to bring it out in a way that fully represents you? 

You are not alone. 

Many high achieving men & women, leaders, independent professionals and entrepreneurs who have reached a high level of success often feel a lack of fulfillment even though they are getting ahead in life and professional career.


Here's the thing, sometimes our definition of success changes, but we're reluctant to pivot what we do to match it. On our quest for big achievements, we become so conditioned to external validation that we minimize our own inner wisdom calling us to play a bigger game on our own terms. We fear failure and rejection, and we continue to fit into society's approved mold in order to be accepted, but end up disconnected from our true self living a watered down version of ourselves. 

The truth is--you are so much more than what people recognize. You are so much more than your profession, your business, and your past achievements. But until you dive in and explore all you are born to be, you'll never be able to know the magnitude of your purpose and potential.


It's time to show up as unapologetically and as uninhibited as you’d like. It's time you fully embrace your superpower, step into your most authentic self, share your unique voice with the world and become a widely recognized authority in your field.


The world needs YOU!!

Here’s what will help you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be:

  • A way to align your heart, mind and soul on one direction that truly fulfills you, brings joy to your heart, and helps you leave a meaningful legacy in the world--on your own terms.
  • A crystal clear vision of the impactful future you're born to live and an intentional path to reach it in a way that totally represents you.
  • Tools to help you overcome the blocks holding you back so you can step into your powerful authentic self, show up confidently and unapologetically as you turn your big dreams to an inevitable reality.
  • A effortless way to attract the people that really need you, want to hear from you and work with you, that you'd also enjoy serving.
  • A content creation framework that represents you,  showcases your unique gifts, and empowers you to share your thoughts powerfully so you could become a widely recognized authority and thought leader in your field.
  • A growth strategy that elevates your visibility online, and attracts bigger opportunities that align with all that you are–without compromising any side of you.

The good news is you could totally do this, and we're here to help you every step of the way.

We work with high achievers like you to re-invent your future, transform your life, and elevate your visibility, impact, and influence online in a way that fully represents the leader that you are, and aligns with your vision of self-actualized impact & legacy.

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1 Day Reinvention & Elevation

A transformative experience to help you set and activate the vision for your new Next Level direction, feel confident reaching it in the near future with an aligned and intentional growth plan.

What’s next:

  • Decide it's time for you to step into your next level
  • Schedule Your VIP day
  • Start moving forward towards your big vision with confidence
  • Live a fulfilling life on your own terms!
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Private Coaching To Elevate Your Brand and Impact

Private Coaching to help you tap into your full potential, embody your most confident self-expressed self and align to the impact you are born to make so you could amplify your unique voice, share a message that resonates and elevates your impact &influence authentically, and become a recognizable authority in your field.

Our unique framework combines strategy, soul and intuition to help you become the connected thought leader the word needs today.

What’s next:

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  • Connect on a 1:1 chat to see if we're a good fit
  • Sign up for personalized mentorship
  • Grow Your Authentic Impact & Reach Meaningful Success
  • Currently Booking Q1/Q2 2024
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Thought Leadership & Executive Presence Acceleration

A coaching to help you step into your powerful magnetic self to elevate your leadership, and executive presence, grow your impact and influence beyond your role and show up consistently confidently to elevate your thought leadership.

 Our unique framework combines strategy, soul and intuition to help you become the connected thought leader the word needs today.

What’s next:

  • Book a call
  • Connect on a 1:1 chat to see if we're a good fit
  • Grow Your Authentic Impact & Reach Meaningful Success
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Let’s bring out the connected leader in you so you could elevate your impact, your leadership, and your influence authentically–without compromise.


Have You Achieved High Level Of Success Yet, You Still Feel You Haven't Made The Full Impact You Are Here To Make?

At Next Level Impact, we empower high-achieving men & women to Step Into Their Next Level by Elevating their Brand, Leadership, and Executive Presence Authentically, so they can make a meaningful impact, leave a legacy behind, and live their most fulfilled, self-expressed life.

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Rachel Duffy 

Conscious Parenting Coach

Hala is a phenomenal coach, businesswoman and human being. She genuinely cares about the people she works with, she gives generously from her heart and she’s a badass coach, on top of it all. I have learned so much from her, and I keep coming back for more. She’s super smart, she knows how to pinpoint your blind spots and where you need attention and she delivers it with compassion and skill. I highly recommend her!

Are you an Organization looking to elevate your team’s leadership, engagement, retention and results?


Build A Team Of Connected And Authentically Self-Expressed Leaders Who Change The World.

Elevate Your Team, Optimize Your Organization's Brand, Retain Your A-Players, Maximize Your Profits!


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Arlette Bouez

Clinical Dietitian & Practice Owner

After I felt the urge to pivot my business online, I had the opportunity to attend Hala’s workshop on how to expand your online business. Hala’s expertise in professional coaching and her targeted advice on content creation helped me grow my audience (And my confidence), reach more of my ideal clients online, and grow my business faster than I imagined. This incredible woman is all that you need to reach your next level of success!
Meet our Founder
Hi I’m Hala! High achieving first generation immigrant, Mom of two teens, Alignment coach, Soulful growth strategist, and CEO of Next Level

After 18 years of achieving amazing success that seemed fantastic from the outside looking in, but left me burned-out, unengaged and unfulfilled in my life and career, I knew things needed to change. 

I embarked on a self discovery journey to get to know myself and uncover my true needs at this stage in my life. I was looking for more...I wanted to make a bigger impact, leave a meaningful legacy while being myself. Yes, I was tired of fitting in, being seen and recognized only for the results I bring. There was so much more in me that needed to be seen and valued, and I was determined to bring it out, on my own terms.

That's why I make it easy for high achieving leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs to uncover what would make them Fulfilled & Happy in their career and business,  so they can reach meaningful success and elevate their impact, influence, and revenues in a way that feels aligned with who they are, the direction they are called for, and represents all of them-- without compromise!

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The secret to growing a business that fully represents you without compromise, after all you deserve to be seen, heard and valued for who you truly are and without hiding any parts of you.

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