The Ultimate Guide To Creating Your Soul-Aligned Business


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This book is going to change the way you think and go about starting and growing your business.
In the first week of launch this book made it to Amazon Bestseller status in 4 categories, including #1 in starting a business!! 
In this incredible collaboration, 25 coaches, strategists and practitioners share their experience with starting and growing a business that aligns with who they are, represents them fully, and gives them the feelings and the freedom they were looking for.

Each one tells a powerful story and lesson that transformed their business completely. We each also share the strategies we adopted with you to help you do the same.
I am so proud to be among these amazing authors in this outstanding book and provide you with a transformation that will exponentially elevate your business. 

Chapter 20 "Unleash Your Authentic Self."

In my chapter, I share a vulnerable story and the biggest lessons that helped me turn my business around and create a meaningful impact serving others to grow a fulfilling and joyful brand that fully represents their essence.

I pass on actionable tools and strategies for you to start incorporating your soul into your business and birth a successful business that is an extension of who you are. 

Inside my chapter, you'll also receive links to exclusive giveaways I'm offering my readers only.

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Hi I’m Hala! Alignment coach, Soulful growth strategist, high achieving first generation immigrant, mom of two teens, and CEO of Next Level

After 18 years of achieving amazing success that seemed fantastic from the outside looking in, but left me burned-out, unengaged and unfulfilled in my life and career, I knew things needed to change. 

I embarked on a self discovery journey to get to know myself and uncover my true needs at this stage in my life. I was looking for more...I wanted to make a bigger impact, leave a meaningful legacy while being myself. Yes, I was tired of fitting in, being seen and recognized only for the results I bring. There was so much more in me that needed to be seen and valued, and I was determined to bring it out, on my own terms.

That's why I make it easy for high achieving leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs to uncover what would make them Fulfilled & Happy in their career and business,  so they can reach meaningful success and elevate their impact, influence, and revenues in a way that feels aligned with who they are, the direction they are called for, and represents all of them-- without compromise!

Ready To Elevate Your Business Success and Impact in a way that fully represent you?

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