5 Secrets to Rise Above The Noise Online & SELL More

of Your Books, Offers, and Services with EASE! 


In Collaboration with Laura Di Franco & Brave Healer production,
 Hala Chibani, Soulful Growth Strategist shares


How Emotional Intelligence Can Skyrocket Your Business Growth & Sales!


5 Secrets to

Rise Above The Noise Online &

SELL More of Your Books, Offers, and Services with EASE!


 For Authors & Heart-Centered Change Makers 

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September 8, 11:30 EST

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Here's what you'll learn: 

  • The biggest mistakes blocking YOU from growing your impact and elevating your influence..and yes revenues, plus how to avoid them. 

  • The ONE thing you need to prioritize in order to PUT MORE OF YOUR BOOKS in people's hands with confidence (that no one ever talks about!!) 

  • 5 Easy & ACTIONABLE TIPs to Attract, Connect, and Captivate YOUR AUDIENCE with E.A.S.E!

Join us on September 8 at 11:30 AM EST

About Your Soulful Growth Strategist Hala Chibani

Bestselling author, Speaker, Award-winning Leader, Alignment coach and transformation strategist Hala Chibani empowers heart-centered high achievers to leverage emotional intelligence techniques to align to their authentic superpower, and elevate their impact, brand presence, authority, and influence in a way that fully represents them.

Hala's clients show-up unapologetically online, they are fully seen, heard, and valued for their gifts in changing the world, and living their most impactful fulfilled life on their own terms!


About Laura DiFranco

9-time Amazon bestselling author Laura Di Franco, MPT spent 30 years in holistic physical therapy and 12 of those in private practice, before making a pivot with her company, Brave Healer Productions. With 14-years training in the martial arts, and 17 books, she’s got a preference for badass in every way.
Laura brings her master-level training and knowledge to the table as a certified content marketer with SmartBlogger, writing/coaching student with NYT Best Selling author Laura Munson, business and speaking coaching student with the Quantum Leap coaching program, Marie Forleo’s B-School and Copy Cure, Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula, Jack Canfield’s author training, and Odette Peek’s public speaking training, among others.
Her daily calling is to help you do what you need to do to change the world in less time, and with less mistakes and heartache on the journey. She shares her authentic journey, wisdom, and expertise with refreshing transparency and straight forward badassery. Hold on to your seat because riding alongside her means you’ll be pushed into and beyond your comfort zone and having way more fun with your purpose-driven fears on a regular basis.
When Laura chills out you’ll find her with a mojito at a poetry event with friends, driving her Mustang, bouncing to the beat at a rave, or on a beach in Mexico with something made of dark chocolate in her mouth. Joy is the way she healed herself. Ask her about that sometime.