Is Your Inner Critic Getting Really Loud?


These 2 Tips will help Silence your Inner Critic once and for all!

When a client tells me they are struggling to show up to grow their brand and impact, I understand, because I've been there.

These judgmental voices in our heads prevent us from showing up consistently in our life and living the full life we desire.

The thing is, we all have an inner critic that sometimes gets loud.

It ruins every happy moment for us, and holds us back from taking courageous action, from going after what we want, and from living our best life.

But we can’t let the #InnerCritic Win!!

These nasty voices in your heads are preventing you from stepping into your power, holding you back from showing all your colors to the world and robbing you from living a fulfilling, joyful life.

Don’t let them.

Silencing your internal voices will #accelerate your #growth, your business, your career…your #revenues, far more than any strategy or routine will.

Two things you can do to silence the critical voice in your head:

πŸ‘‰The first thing I learned from Mel Robins is to give the critical voice in your head a name. (When you name it, you distance yourself from it, and create objectivity)
Whenever that voice comes up again, turn around as if you are talking to that person and talk back to it, tell them ’Shush, I got this!’’ as many times as you need to.

πŸ‘‰The second thing (which I LOVE doing), is to get crystal clear on your end destination, so you can be inspired and led by it every day.

You can do that by crafting a vision of the end impact you want. We can help you here

Start each day with a 3-minute visualization of this big vision. Three whole minutes where you simply soak up all the amazing feel your vision of massive impact gives you.

Then, hold on to those feelings and embody them throughout your day.

If you’d like to team how you can silence the inner critic, strengthen your #selfconfidence, and reclaim your #joy and #fulfiment in life once and for all, join me in this free class.

The Roadmap to your Next Level of Impact, Influence & Growth will show you how to clarify your next destination, step into your most confident self, and reach your big dreams of impact, influence, and growth on your terms!

Here’s to removing all limitations that keep us small!!

You deserve to be fully seen, heard, and valued for being who you are!

What do you do to tame your inner critic and bring your big dreams to life?


Hala Chibani
Alignment Coach & Soulful Growth Strategist


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