Everything is harder when..You Are Not In Alignment!


Have you ever felt misaligned in your life?

This happens very often, especially for ambitious high achievers.

Your mind is set on one thing, your heart wants another thing, and your actions tell a completely different story.

How many of you have been there before, yet… kept on going?!

The thing is-- it is not your fault.

We were not taught to consider, validate or honor our emotions!!

Most of us grew up conditioned to ignore our emotions and focus on making the best decisions with our minds only.

We ignore that we are feeling burned out, we ignore that we are not fully expressed in what we do.

We ignore that we’re not seen for who we are…and keep focusing on doing what we are expected to do.

I did it too, for a very long time.

And I justified it when I would overwork myself to death and ignore my well-being in order to beat last quarter’s results or finish a project I was selected to take the lead on, or get in the running for the next promotion.

We’ve been told that behavior is perseverance.

Um no it’s not. It’s misalignment.

It feels like you’re swimming upstream and despite all your efforts, you’re not much further ahead.

Can you relate?

Here’s the cool thing though–it’s easy to get in alignment and work in a state of flow once you detach your value from achievement, once you free yourself of imposed expectations and ego-driven decisions, and truly commit to growing your impact on your terms.

It starts with getting all three; your mind, your heart, and your energy focused in the same direction.

It also means you’ll have to redefine what success looks like to you and recalibrate if you are living according to what you truly value and want.

One of the biggest lessons I learned is to tune in and decode what I’m feeling, then find a path that my heart wants, my soul craves, and my mind still can’t believe I’m going for it!!

It sure makes for an exciting and fulfilling life!

If you’re ready to stop holding yourself back, truly step into your authentic power and start showing up intentionally and confidently, know that I am here for you and have the tools to help you shift your career, business, and future around!

Join me in this Free Masterclass that has the power to change your future, design, and live the impactful fulfilled life you want.

You deserve to show up fully in your business and career, attain ‘meaningful success’, and make an impact on your own terms!

Tell me, have you ever felt misaligned in your life?

What helped you step into your power again?

I’m looking forward to helping you make life a little easier- you deserve that!

To your inevitable and authentic growth!


Hala Chibani
Alignment Coach & Soulful Growth Strategist


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