Are you spending years of your life chasing goals that don’t matter?!

Are you spending years of your life chasing goals that don’t matter?!

I have caught myself doing that many times in the past, achieving goals I thought I wanted. Only to be left with fleeting satisfaction after.🙁

The thing is- only meaningful goals bring happiness and satisfaction into our lives.

That's why they are the compass leading to a fulfilled life full of growth and impact.

This year, I achieved 3 of my most meaningful goals, one of which I've been carrying with me for a long time!

I collaborated on my first authoring project, and it felt huge gratification from sharing a piece of me with the world and the book readers.!

My book, The Ultimate Guide To Creating Your Soul-Aligned Business launches next month, it’s a phenomenal blueprint for those who want to build a business that fully represents them and gives them the feeling and the meaningful success they desire. You can check it out here!

The thing is, this book opportunity fell right in my lap.

It may have been because I’ve been going about goals differently the last few years and tapping into bringing into life the desires that are enjoyable and meaningful to me.

Before I commit to saying yes to any new plans, I simply make sure:

🌿The intention behind it is directly related to my bigger purpose.

🌿My actions are inspired and intentional, no matter how small they are.

🌿My energy is optimal, and I’m enjoying the process of creating without attachment to results.

Through my self-discovery journey and through birthing this book, I realized how many of us are chasing success, only to reach it and find it meaningless.

Why does that happen, and what do you do to avoid it!?

How can we set on a path that helps us reach our full potential and be fulfilled doing it?
Questions I’ve been thinking about that have guided the positive shift in my life and business..

If you’ve been thinking of elevating your impact but want to do it in a way that is meaningful to you, Join me in this free class where I share some insights into how we, high achievers, can reach meaningful success on our own terms.

The RoadMap To Your Next Level Of Success will guide you to bring your dream vision to life, and reach goals that bring more happiness and success into your life!!

What meaningful goals do you plan to achieve this year?

I'd love to cheer you on!



Hala Chibani
Alignment Coach & Soulful Growth Strategist


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