A Transformative 12 Weeks Group Program To Help You

Go From Misaligned, Unfulfilled, and Unengaged

To Empowered, Connected, And Impactful!!


Elevate Your Impact

Authentically & Unapologetically


For 12 weeks you will be empowered and guided to: 


  1. Embody Your Most Confident Self
  2. Optimize Your Thought Leadership
  3. Grow Your Personal Brand Authentically
  4. Elevate Your Visibility And Reach Online
  5. Attract Next Level Opportunities
  6. Reach Your Full Potential 


Without comprising your values and who you are! 


No Dream, Vision, or Goal is too Big to attain!

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Elevate Your Authentic Impact

A Soul-Aligned Approach To Live In Alignment With Your Purpose, Accelerate Your Growth, Reach Meaningful Success, And Leave A Legacy Behind.



Hi I’m Hala! High achieving first generation immigrant, Mom of two teens, Alignment coach, Soulful growth strategist, and CEO of Next Level Impact.co.

After 18 years of achieving amazing success (in MENA region & N. America) that seemed fantastic from the outside looking in, but left me burned-out, unengaged and unfulfilled in my life and career, I knew things needed to change. 

I embarked on a self discovery journey to get to know myself and uncover my true needs at this stage in my life. I was looking for more...I wanted to make a bigger impact, leave a meaningful legacy while being myself. Yes, I was tired of fitting in, being seen and recognized only for the results I bring. There was so much more in me that needed to be seen and valued, and I was determined to bring it out, on my own terms.

That's why I make it easy for high achieving leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs to uncover their natural gifts and what would make them Fulfilled & Happy,  so they can reach meaningful success and elevate their impact, influence, and revenues in a way that feels aligned with who they are, the direction they are called for, and represents all of them-- without compromise!

Join [Elevate Your Impact] VIP Waitlist

Elevate your leadership, impact, influence, and revenues in a way that feels aligned with who you are, the direction you are called for, and in a way that represents all of you-- without compromise!


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